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My Practice


My classes follow a vinyasa flow style. 

Movements are guided by the breath to find deeper connection to the soul through the body. 

They flow, incorporating music, dance and spoken word to guide participants through a transformative process back to themselves through movement.


"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." ~ The Bhagavad Gita



As this is a flow practice, we tend to move through movements in connected cycles, rather than stopping in one place for too long. This flowing motion often can invite a greater release and allow a fuller, more meaningful practice for all. It also makes it much easier for the brain to fully switch off, enabling you to lose yourself in the moment.

Yoga is so much more than just physical postures and stretching. Yoga is a way of life and I love sharing aspects of what I've learned from my own explorations into the ancient lessons of yoga philosophy as I teach. This includes philosophical thinking, breathwork, stillness, meditation and positive self-talk.

If you aren't sure whether my practice is for you, please do get in touch (you can find my email address at the bottom of this page) and I will happily send you a recorded class to try at home.

You can also head to my instagram page, where there are a few videos and class excerpts available to view. 

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My practice
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Soulful Flow

My Classes


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Deep Flow

This vinyasa flow class is for those who have a more regular yoga practice, looking for an opportunity to gain strength, both in mind and in body. We flow through various poses, including some more challenging postures, always ending in deep relaxation.

My longest running class, this flow is always preceded by time to physically check in with each other, celebrating  the importance of community alongside your practice. Beginning and ending in deep relaxation, we move through sequences of poses that seamlessly flow together, connected by a particular theme or energy. 


Aerial Yoga

Learn to fly in these wonderfully flowing sessions, using a beautiful piece of silk suspended from the ceiling to guide us more deeply into our bodies and our practice. Aerial Yoga helps to decompress the spine, lift the  mood, improve upper body strength and core and generally leave you feeling accomplished, strong and elated. It's also hard to beat a long, weightless relaxation held in a heavenly, silky cocoon!

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The difficulties of adolescence are often passed off as insignificant by an older population who have forgotten their own teenage struggles. I believe that there is no greater challenge in life than learning for the first time about the realities of the adult world, whilst also grappling with hormones, physical bodily changes and mounting academic pressure. This is why I love providing teens with a safe space to let go, have fun and reconnect with themselves on the mat and in the silks every week.

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 Open Flow

Any class described as Open is accessible for all levels of yogi - from beginners looking for a way into their first practice, to an experienced yogi looking to get back to basics. We'll flow through basic poses, as well as flirting with some intermediate asana, have a giggle and learn about the ways in which yoga can release us from the torment and pressure of our busy minds. These classes always end in delicious relaxation.

Workshops & One-Off Events

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With a regular class often not being longer than an hour in length, there isn't always as much time available for improving and strengthening your practice as you might like. If this is often how you feel, then choosing to invest a few hours of your time in a workshop might be the best way forward.

Workshops are a minimum of 2 hours in length and provide an opportunity to go more deeply into your practice, finding those intricate places for micro adjustments and learning tips and tricks for improving your entrance/exit points  for certain postures. It's also a great opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback from me for how you to further improve your posture practice.

Upcoming Workshops




If you struggle to make time for yourself on a ​weekly, or even monthly, basis then attending a Mini Retreat could be the perfect way to re-charge your batteries and take back that time for yourself without feeling like you have to sacrifice other important parts of your daily life or familial/work responsibilities.

I currently run a Mini Retreat every 3 months, roughly based around the dates of the Equinoxes and Solstices (December, March, June, September).

These retreats take place at Matspace, Framlingham and usually involve a mixture of journalling, sound baths, flow yoga, relaxation, breath work and delicious treats. The exact make-up of each Retreat is unique and is announced approximately a month before the upcoming date.

Upcoming Retreats




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I love the great outdoors and nothing brings me more joy than finding a way to to bring my yoga practice outside.

I have teamed up with the incredible team at Outdoorsy Type UK - a self-run group of outdoor enthusiasts based largely in Suffolk - to run incredible outdoor events at great value, so that you can enjoy the beautiful Suffolk scenery, meet like-minded people and experience the wonder of a yoga practice outside, connected to nature this summer.

2021 events included Sunrise Yoga on the Beach at Dunwich and Yoga & a stroll at Little Bealings

We have loads of exciting ideas for the upcoming season and look forward to sharing them with you very soon!

Upcoming Events


For more information and to book, head to the Bookings page

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One - to - Ones


I am available to teach private, one-to-one sessions. These are available both in person (I am happy to come to you) and via Zoom.

To find out my specific availability, please send me an email on I am also available to teach corporate sessions.

Why book a One-to-One?

These sessions could be to work on a specific pose or posture, or perhaps for suggestions on how to use your practice to help you through particular life challenges. They can also be used for specific instruction on how to modify your practice for particular injuries and medical conditions, or simply to increase confidence  before attending a group class.

The beauty of a private session is that it can be entirely tailored to you and your needs.

If you would like to book a one-off session, a course of individual sessions, or private classes for a small group, the price will vary depending upon the level of class and number of recurring sessions requested - please enquire directly for a quote and more specific information. You can find my email address at the bottom of this page.

If you don't have space within your home to practice and would prefer to meet in person, I have access to a few local venues that would be available to hire - please be aware that this may increase the session rate slightly.

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Preparing for Online Practice

In order to set yourself up ready to practice yoga safely at home you will need the following things:


A clear space in your house, free from obstructions (ideally away from excessive noise and bright light)

Some water

Your mat

A strap/belt

Yoga block/s (these can be swapped in for books or another similar object)



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Business Classes


Testimonial from clients at SPILL Festival:

"Thanks so much for yesterday, I can’t tell you how much better we all felt afterwards, it was really great and just what we needed."

If you are looking for an addition to your workplace wellbeing offer, or simply have interest within your staff team in self-funding a lunchtime yoga class, I am available - both via Zoom and in person - to offer weekday lunchtime classes tailored to you and your colleagues. If you have a space available in your workplace that is large enough to run a yoga class and are interested in running a weekly or bi-weekly class for your team, please get in touch with me, letting me know your rough budget, participant numbers, location and ideal day/time fora class (options are best to guarantee finding a time that suits everyone) and I will do my very best to fit you into my schedule.

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“I have never been to yoga classes anything like yours ... you have a gift."


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