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For when life feels extra hard

Sometimes it feels like even just trying to get to neutral requires loads of extra effort.

Sometimes it feels like, no matter what you do, loneliness will never leave your side.

Sometimes it feels like the world is rejecting you and you don’t understand why.

This is being human.

Sometimes we feel unstoppable.

Sometimes we feel elated.

Sometimes we feel so high that we might just float off into the atmosphere on a cloud of euphoria.

This is being human.

The human experience is an innately lonely one and it often contradicts itself; sometimes it swings high and sometimes it swings low. We are all individual souls trapped within separate bodies, walking around trying to figure out the world and its’ chaos, attempting not to add to it too much. Our experience of life will inevitably be one of attempting to find connection with other bodies, so that we feel less alone inside. This is why people so often say that we are here to get closer to love, that all anyone is ever seeking is love and intimacy.

So when you don’t have that intimacy, romantic love, or physical connection with others it can feel like you’re doing life wrong. That you’re failing.

But actually you’re doing life exactly right. The hard way, not the easy way. It is easy to search for external connection outside of yourself, but it won’t fix the chasm within you. The hard way - but the right way - is to turn all that seeking energy inwards instead. Find the solution to your loneliness within yourself. Do things that you know will make a difference:




Drink water

Make plans to do something fun

Challenge yourself to something new

Practice a skill

Do things that take you out of your thinking mind for a bit, and can remind you that your loneliness IS your constant companion. That we all feel lonely sometimes. That even in the fact that we are all feeling lonely, we are never truly alone. That you are the one you’ve been waiting for. You can top up that cup from your own tap.

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